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Sunday, 19 August 2012

Summer of Fire - Aberddu Adventures Prequel

Coming soon, the prequel that sets the context for the Aberddu Adventurers. The tales of the Summer of Fire.
Current word count: 110579

The Prologue

The Time Before....

One speaks of the time before the Summer of Fire in the same hushed tones as one speaks of the time before the cataclysm. As though the world was somehow softer then, as though we were more innocent and more lovely. As though no trouble existed. It is the golden age, not long ago but far away. It is seen as almost out of reach by those who do not really know of what they speak.
To speak of a time before the Summer of Fire, a time truly before the cacophony of events that chose to confluence in those short months, is to speak of a time more than four hundred years gone. Few have a genuine understanding of what lead to the time known as the Summer of Fire, of the rising powers that had grown, with the patience of mountains, over centuries. Only in looking back, could scholars rightfully understand the full scale of events that preceded it.
It is difficult to distinguish therefore what came 'before', as this is a relative term. Each individual will have a point in time that they consider to be the time 'before', after which their life will have changed irrevocably. General consensus suggests that by 1099ac it was already too late, but for some it started long before that. 

Sunday, 15 July 2012

In Shadows, Waiting - NOW AVAILABLE

With a beautiful cover image, specially drawn by my wonderful illustrator Irene Grace, In Shadows, Waiting is now available to download from the following: (and currently 25% off on the summer sale, making it $1.12) currently price £1.53
Whilst this is the 3rd Book of the Aberddu Adventures to be made available, it's actually book number 6 in the time line - but don't let that stop you it should stand alone. 

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

In Shadows, Waiting.

Anoveld: the flag ship base of the Black Inquisition, a hideous nightmare becoming reality. The resistance seek a solution, and beg the Adventurers to intervene. Meanwhile, employed by the Guild Below, Iona and her companions seek out a path to the base. An uncomplicated task that should not take them out of the City. Simple. Or is it? 

The third book of the Aberddu Adventures Chronicle to be completed. It is shorter than the other two, and tells the tale of two shorter missions that take place during the winter following the Dawn of Darkness. Iona, Derek, Anthony and Gerard return among others, as well as the resistance. There are also a number of new characters including the irrepressible Clara Cropper and her companion Pudding the Goblin. 

Dawn of Darkness

The shadows are deepening. Disappearances along the Paravel border have troubled the Resistance. 
Defenceless, the peasants wait for the evil to come.
It is only a matter of time before they will be consumed.
Night falls, but the peasants dare not sleep.
Something lurks in the shadows of the forest.
Is it the Scathach?
Or is it something much worse?
The Inquisition are up to something. Whispers breed fear among the peasantry as the Adventurers Guild seek the source of evil. Will they find what they are looking for?

Dawn of Darkness, the second book of the Aberddu Adventures Chronicle to be completed - but actually the fifth book of the series, tells the tale of the birth of the Black Inquisition on the Paravelian border with Frisia, several years after the Summer of Fire and the Fall of the Freetown Bridge. It features old characters such as Iona, Gerard, Anthony, Tollie, Sylas and Derek Peterson and introduces new ones, including the Chaos cleric Adarius Jaegar and his wives, as well as the notorious Black Inquisitor himself. 

Monday, 7 May 2012

The Freetown Bridge

Any who believe the Freetown Bridge to be a monument to Freedom has sadly misjudged the dark intent of the Frisian Inquisition. Thousands of slaves have been snatched to help with its construction and the fears of its purpose are building across the continent. Shrouded in mystery and heavily guarded, it nears completion. 
Unable to stop themselves, a small group of Adventurers from the renegade City State of Aberddu seek to join those who would destroy it. A rag-tag gang of mercenaries, priests and green-skins prepare to stand up to the might of the Red Inquisition before they discover that the enemy is closer than they realised.

The Freetown Bridge, the first book of the Aberddu Adventures Chronicles to be finished, although actually the third book in the series recounts the fight to destory the Freetown Bridge. Introducing a cast of characters from the Aberddu Adventurers Guild who strive to solve the worlds problems, with a wide variety of personal agendas. 

The Aberddu Adventures

A series of fantasy stories following the escapades of a guild of mercenary adventurers from the free city state of Aberddu as they battle against overwhelming odds to save the world from destruction and make some cash on the way. From the rise of Salamander to the fall of the Black Inquisition the series runs in this order: 

The Summer of Fire - coming soon
Light A Single Candle - in progress
The Freetown Bridge - available for download on Kindle or other formats
Speak of Me Softly -  in progress
Dawn of Darkness - available for download on Kindle or other formats
In Shadows Waiting - available for download  on Kindle or other formats
Black Night Falling - in planning
Wild Fire Rising - in planning.